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by Luscho

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ruinous ]God 04:06
and this ruinous god i swear did not love but now because nothing much frequently for those I treat well are the ones who most of all harm me I want to suffer crazy? in myself I am aware of this and on a soft bed, delicate, you let loose your longing and neither any nor any holy place no grove, no dance, no sound
if you say so I'll go
guard her 05:02
guard her bridegroom kings of cities with what eyes and on a soft bed
if only I could win this lot oh golden crowned Aphrodite pity trembling flesh by now old age covers flies in pursuit noble taking sing to us the one with violets in her lap she mostly goes astray
to give yet of the glorious of the beautiful and good you of pain me blame swollen you take your fill for my thinking not thus
sweet mother I cannot work the loom I'm broken with longing for a boy but go there much talks it's not easy for us that two equal goddesses in lovely form Desire and Aphrodite nectar poured from gold with hands of persuasion Pan to tell tongue to tell tales greater if not, winter no pain and I bid you, Gonglia
weave crowns 03:33
I used to weave crowns but if you love us choose a younger bed for I cannot bear to live with you when I am the older one do not move
two states of mind in me almost dead drumming fills our ears I don't know what to do beautiful he stirs up still things settles down exhaustion in the mind but come oh beloved for day is near I am not someone who likes to wound rather I have a quiet mind


atongue[ is an album that plays with fragmentation, degredation, memory, distance, love, and dementia. It came out of the years I spent taking care of my grandmother, re-translated through the lens of Anne Carson's brilliantly spacious translations of Sappho.

I made this album in Utah, Missouri, and Madrid.

For Jane.


released February 3, 2017

music by Luke Williams
words by Sappho (via Anne Carson)
drums — Jesse Quebbeman-Turley
alto saxophone — Logan Hone
voice (track 3) — Spencer Harrison
voice (track 15) — Jane Reynolds




Luscho Buffalo, New York

Hi, I'm Luke Williams! I make music about things that are important to me, like: trains, materials, feelings.

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